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Tuesday, December 27th, 2011
7:40 pm
Vodka Sauce
Odd... It auto-filled my subject line like I'd posted this before, but I'm not finding it. Oh well...

Hey, this is the recipe I use for vodka sauce, which isn't exactly cheap to make, but is darn tasty if done right.

1 1/2 cups plain tomato sauce (This irritates the crap out of me, since the cans come in 15 oz size, I end up storing three ounces of sauce still in the can in the fridge, until the time comes to clean the fridge, and the red and fuzzy green can gets tossed)

1/4 cup butter

1/4 pound pancetta, diced (Yes, pancetta. No, not bacon. Pancetta. Also, I usually find this in 3 oz packs, and that's what I use for a standard batch.)

1/3 cup vodka (I've used Smirnoff Vanilla Twist the last two times I made it, so go with what you feel here)

1/2 cup whipping cream (Not whipped! Very important distinction!)

Salt and pepper to taste. (Done right, there's no need for extra salt, as plenty comes from the tomato sauce and the pancetta.)

Melt butter in large skillet. When butter foams, add pancetta. Saute over medium heat until lightly colored (As a personal thing, I keep it on medium to medium high heat all the way through. NEVER on high.). And vodka, and stir until it has evaporated. Stir in tomato sauce and cream. Stir uncovered 8-10 minutes. Season with Salt and pepper to your liking.

Hey, that's it. We like it over bow ties, but we've had it on fettuccine and macaroni with good results, so I imagine any noodle will do.

Current Mood: drained
Sunday, March 6th, 2011
11:59 pm
Blast from the past
About three years ago (June-ish of '08), I hear 'Hey, Hey Paula' on the radio, and think, "Oh, I love that name." Thought back to see if I could remember anyone of that had that name... Nobody that comes to mind, though there was a girl that was close to that, back in elementary school. Unique and pretty name for a unique and pretty girl.

Flash forward a bit, and a line of text pops into my brain:

"Samantha," I whispered.

Didn't know who said it, or why it was there, but it was, and eventually I tied it to a woman named Samantha saying it that went by Sam. I definitely knew a couple of those, one of them much better than the other, so I originally thought of her as I went about typing a story about "Sam." Once I fleshed out the connection between the two, I stopped connecting my Sam to the one I knew from way back in high school that I hadn't really thought about in years.

Paula, the pink-haired wonder girl and Sam "Only Mom is allowed to call me Samantha" are the subject of my most recently "published" One Kiss story.

Guess who my new friend is on Facebook?

Current Mood: working
Wednesday, January 12th, 2011
3:08 pm
“Manicotti” Casserole

Now, keep in mind, dinner in my house has to feed six, and three of those regularly bring a very healthy appetite to the table, especially where pasta is concerned. My casserole dish is a 14x9x3, and that allows us some leftovers, so this could easily be cut down. I’m giving it to you full scale here.

Before I get into this, a word about noodles. Pretty much any variety of Penne will work for this, but you don’t want something too large, like Rigatoni or Cannelloni. I usually use regular Penne or Mostaccioli (the only difference in the two is outer texture, and occasionally price). Manicotti is the big tubes, and this recipe was first created making those and stuffing them. I’m not that ambitious with my dinners, so I go the smaller casserole route.

6 cups Penne or Mostaccioli

Cooked to slightly firm. Personally I always add salt and olive oil to the water, but things I’ve read recently suggest that the oil isn’t really needed.

2 pounds ground beef (I like it lean! 93/7 or 90/10, any more fat than that and it has to be drained)
2 pounds cheddar cheese, shredded
½ to ¾ pound mozzarella cheese, shredded
3 15 oz cans tomato sauce \
1 6 oz can tomato paste / (Mandy says she doesn’t use the paste, and only 2 cans of the sauce here)
1 egg
½ to ¾ cup bread crumbs (I usually use store bought, and for this I like the “Italian Style” variety)

Spices (your mileage may vary, so no amounts given):

Italian Seasoning

Fresh chopped garlic (for me this is a must, but only a tsp or two, since I’m not that big of a fan. Again, your mileage may vary)
Onion powder (don’t use it personally, but my wife does)

Brown your meat. I add my spices right here, except the garlic, so that the flavor gets into the meat. A few good shakes of each. Bring your heat down to slightly more than a simmer. Add two cans of sauce and the can of paste (this is where I also add garlic). TASTE TEST! This is big here. Tart? Add sugar. Sweet? Add salt (or something salty like grated parmesan). When it’s to your liking, add the egg, bread crumbs and half of the cheddar. Stir until cheese is melted, and your sauce is on the thick side. If it still seems thin, add more bread crumbs.

In your casserole dish, use half of the last can of tomato sauce with some olive oil to coat the bottom. Add your noodles. Spread your meat sauce on top of the noodles, evenly as possible, and you should have enough to cover most if not the entire pan. Add the rest of the can of tomato sauce. Spread the rest of the cheddar on top of the fresh sauce. Spread the mozzarella on top of that (the mozzarella layer should be a little smaller than the cheddar layer). Cover with foil.

Bake at 325 for 20 minutes, then remove foil and continue baking until cheese is browned (probably more than five, but definitely less than ten more minutes).

Serve it with a green salad and garlic bread (and a robust red wine, nothing too heavy though) if you’re feeling fancy, or a tall glass of milk if you’re not.

Bon appetit!

Current Mood: Just this side of tired
Friday, December 24th, 2010
5:52 pm
Too long for Facebook
Just one more thing aside from a final Merry Merry...

When you walk into my home, immediately to the right is a bookshelf, about four feet in height. My wife's grandparents gave it to us years ago, and it was a project that she and I had a grand time putting stain on.

Atop said bookshelf, sits a small ceramic Christmas tree, snow around the edges, and little lights all the way around. If you have ever been to my mother's home around Christmas time, you've seen it. So if you come by in the next month or so, and there's an odd bit of decor still hanging around, you'll know why.

Peace be with you all, and Merry Christmas.

With love from DJ, my Doll, Dezi Gabby, Becky-boo, Jakey, and Allie Boop.

Current Mood: melancholy
Saturday, November 6th, 2010
3:59 pm
One week later
Need to get this down while it's still really fresh in my head.

Read more...Collapse )
I've since seen her twice more in my sleep. It's been quiet the last couple nights, though.

I miss you, Mom. Hope to see you again soon.
Sunday, October 24th, 2010
1:52 am
Still clinging
Mom has been in Pineview for a week now. Last Friday, she was awake and aware for the first time since Tuesday afternoon.

I had to tell her that there were a multitude of tumors in her brain.

That there was bleeding in her brain that could not be stopped surgically.

And it was me that told her that she no longer had months. And cried with her as she begged me to say it wasn't true.

I could not bring myself to tell her that she would not see my eldest's sweet 16 (November 9th is her birthday). Or dance at my Allie's wedding. Or even see Halloween.

At this point with things, she may still be here for Halloween, but since Tuesday of this week she's been sleeping, alternating her anti-anxiety meds with pain meds, and the occasional anti-seizure med. Oh, and the cortical steroid that's keeping the swelling in her brain down to some degree.

I don't think she's actually eaten anything since Sunday of last week.

I've found myself having stopped praying for her to get better, but instead to just let go. Am I wrong to do that?

Current Mood: Torn
Thursday, October 14th, 2010
12:34 am
So... Worst is confirmed.

Mom is going to go to Pineview sometime tomorrow, with Hospice care added to her orders. No more chemo, no bothering with radiation, all of the extra stuff that's been making her life difficult is done and over with.

She will be comfortable for her final days.

"In between now and then,
And till I see you again
I'll be loving you.
Love, Me."

Current Mood: calm in spite of it all
Saturday, September 18th, 2010
1:36 pm
Good Daddy
Went to a football game last night. My first time at a high school football (that would be American football to the non-US folk) game since back before I was married... In fact, the last time was around Halloween in '93.

So, we're there, me, all three daughters, Jake, and Kristal, and it's fun. The girls bound around, socializing, seeing different folks and whatnot during the JV game because, hey, who really cares about the JV game, right? It's Desiree's class, but it's football, so what does she care?

At one point when Becky has returned our way from her happy little socializing, this group of 8th graders (that are from the 8th grader football group) has taken up part of the row above and to our left. Yeah, that's fine, sit and do your little immature 8th grader stuff.

Snack kid comes around, and he's got popcorn and pretzel balls. Oh, fun, we'll take a bag of pretzel balls. So do the boys. No issues, right? Well, they're balls, cooked and salted like pretzels, about the size of marbles. The boys figure out that it's sorta fun to throw them at one another. Then they start throwing them at passerby.

Becky goes to stand by the fence and watch them. They throw them at her. I do the Dad thing and say, "Go kick their asses."

She tells them to quit and they laugh and it's funny and it's a great time. Whatever...

Well, eventually Allie is down by the fence with Becky. Right about the time Becky has signaled to a friend to go and steal the boys' bag of pretzel balls. Bag comes away with a "ha, ha!" but, there's still the ones in their hands. I have already stated that if any come and get me there's going to be some bloody boys in the literal sense.

With his last one, one of these idiots wings one toward the fence and tags Allie right at the base of her breastbone. Hard.

Now, I see this happen, and righteous Dad indignation fills me with its power. I looked over at the boys to see who did it, and sure enough, there's one making the "I screwed up" face. I took the two steps over to put me right in front of him, jabbed him with my finger and barked, "That's it! Sit your ass down, NOW! You're all done. You hurt my daughter. Park you fucking ass, and don't get up again! No more!"

He had the good sense to look petrified and back up to his seat. After a couple minutes, he came over and apologized to me (not to Allie, who was now in my lap, playing the tough girl, "No, it doesn't hurt, Daddy.") I told him to have better sense.

The whole group left and did not return. It took me several minutes to regain my focus on the game.

The part of that which I found truly ironic? The last time I was at a football game, I had to have a similar talk with a group of boys that were throwing things (because they did hit me). I was a lot younger and more visibly muscular back then. These days I'm just another biggish guy, but when you're in 8th grade, and a guy that's six foot and 220 tells you to sit down... you pay attention. Especially when he talks with the "Dad Voice."

The lesson to be learned... Don't throw things, you never know who's going to get hit. Or what reaction is going to follow.

Current Mood: listless
Wednesday, January 6th, 2010
11:48 pm
One of those moments
You know the ones. Those fangirly moments. Even guys get them. And it just isn't right to say fanboy because the moment is the least masculine you've been all day, or possibly even all year (which, I can legitimately say, since it was two days ago that I discovered it and it's only the 6th of January).


Mother fucking Runaways

Now, the question that's invariably going to come of this is why does it make me squee like a little girl? Joan Jett. I know, it's somebody (that I ordinarily bash the hell out of for acting ability) odd playing her, but she seems to have the look and attitude down, at least as much as a 50 second trailer can show. Also, Dakota Fanning nails Cherie Currie's voice, at least as far as the trailer indicates with HER singing Cherry Bomb.

Or, just the biggest reason... it's a film about the fucking Runaways!!

Cruised around Youtube looking for more, but generally only found the same thing, or some fanmade stuff (which I haven't bothered to watch yet). Mostly comments from older folk (my age or older) that are saying "man, I really want to see this, but I don't want to see this in the theater because it's going to be full of Twilight fangirls that are just sure they're big Runaways fans, even though you know damn well they've never heard of them before they saw Kristen Stewart playing Joan Jett. And some of them have never heard of Joan Jett." Bring on the Jane-come-lately Twihards. Great, world changing music is never in bad taste to share.

Hello world, they're your wild girls. Bring them on.

Current Mood: excited
Friday, January 1st, 2010
8:01 am
Here we are again
Well... Okay, I don't know. The TV folks are saying twenty-ten, but that just seems weird to me. I think I'm going to stick with two thousand ten just because it seems more... I dunno normal.

For 2009, I made a resolution within the first few days of January to actually write and finish things, and set a bit of a goal: Three new stories totaling at least 6,000 words. Well, made the 6k with one story, but didn't pull off the three... until the late hours of last night (which was still the 31st for us on PST). Second chapter of Grabbing a Shovel is posted. You know where to find me (www.fictionpress.com/~framejock and for the love of Pete, leave me a review! Pleaseohpleaseohplease!!!!!).

This year, I will make a similar resolution. I WILL finish book one of Bard's Tale. At least two if not three chapters to go to do so, but I WILL finish it this year. Or possibly start on the second book, but I want something added to it, and I'm going to offer up the same thing, and that's three more chapters in the life of Dominicus Jareth (he'll be born in the one that's in the works currently).

But getting back to Grabbing a Shovel... my beta reader gave me a comment when she finished it that I didn't get at first (I mean really, given the whole 'how does this translate on the internet' thing that I'm generally bad with, how the hell am I supposed to know?), which will likely end up being my favorite un-posted review:

"You are a horrible person. That is the worst cliffhanger ever."

Mind you, my daughters both read it, and told me that it was good, but the sentiment was kind of a 'WRITE MORE NOWNOWNOW,' so I take it that it's a good thing. And the response I got back from my beta reader confirmed that. *sigh* And here I was thinking that I was done with that one.

Also, PS3 for Christmas. My wife is friggin' awesome. My gamer tag (as if this is a huge surprise) is Frame_Jock. Odds are, if you actually find me on, I'm playing RB Beatles. Or downloading something with the 'great for the PC, not so great for games' DSL connection.

Happy New Year, all.

Current Mood: cold
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
8:24 pm
Out of the mouths...
We're sitting around, in the living room, discussing random teenager things (my two older daughters and I) when this takes place:

B: She stole my chapstick

Dad: Would this be the chapstick she stuck down her shirt earlier?

Dez: No, somebody gave that to me

B: Okay, SHE says that somebody gave it to her, but she took it out of my purse and put it on her desk, then I took it from there and put it back in my purse, and then she took it out of my purse again....

(for clarity, yes, I intentionally made the previous sentence commas, as Becky doesn't seem to use periods when she raves)

B: and now I can't find it anywhere, and I'm sure she's got it.

Dad: Grand, you're going to be the sort of sisters that steal each others' stuff.

Dez: Yeah, like my clothes.

Dad: Clothes, shoes, chapstick...

B: I'll give them back as soon as she returns my chapstick. (evil voice) She'll never find her underwear.

At this point, I was unable to stop laughing loudly enough to disturb the neighbors for several minutes.

Had to share.
Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
6:01 am
Two things...
First, I'm obscenely late saying Happy Birthday to Cam. I'm contemplating adding some additional stereotypical Aussie things to that message, but for now it's best just to go with Happy Birthday. (Especially since he, much like me, doesn't visit here on a daily basis, and if his friends page is busy at all, it's likely this little bit will drop off and since those fucks at LJ no longer let you page back through your friends page...). Yeah. Hope it was a good one, and that you made it to the Potter place, because you will likely have some pretty harsh criticisms of it, and I would like to share in them.

Second, writing a sex scene, and hopefully doing it well enough. I'm writing, revising, re-writing, adding, subtracting.... I gotta say, it's making me crucking fazy. So, short of posting it here, to get a more realistic bit of feedback (because this is territory beyond anything I've written thus far), can I just simply ask, how much is too much? The scene itself is an extension of my oft read (128 hits, which is 4 times as many as another piece I've written that has been been actually favorited and has 2 reviews) but only once reviewed piece from earlier this year, HERStory. So, yeah... how much detail is too much, how much sensory info is just really overdone, and where do you bring the detailed part of it to an end and just finish off with ".... and then it was morning and they searched for their discarded clothing," or something (hopefully way less tacky then that) along that line?

It's kinda killing me that I'm struggling so much with this, me being the one that was once referred to as "the guy version of Dr. Ruth only way less old and creepy." I don't really have much issue with sex as a subject, either in discussion, practice or detail. I can talk fetishes with the best of them, even if I don't always know the proper name, but actually writing out the process in the context of a story where there's people involved... Words seem to be failing me.

I know there's writers out there, help me out a bit.

Also, see my musical selection? It's from an album called 'A Piano Tribute to Pink Floyd,' and is truly awesome.

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, June 4th, 2009
7:03 am
Well, several things are on the mind today. At the forefront of it all, my little tiny niece is 20 years old today. Twenty is frikkin' old, Rosie.... Oh, and Happy Birthday (sorry, no present again this year, because your uncle is poor as all hell, but that should change by the end of Summer)

Graduation/promotion: My eldest finished middle/intermediate school last week Thursday, and will be a high school student in just two-and-a-half months. Too damn soon. Makes me feel old.

Honest-to-God Graduation: Mandy has finally been to a graduation ceremony for college, and not as a spectator. She looked awesome in her (freshly dyed) white scrubs, and all of her gold pins (Grandma's LVN pin, her NSNA pin, her NSNA presidential pin and chain, our son's perfect attendance pin, aaaaaaaaaand her RN pin). I was so happy to finally reach this point with her. And thrilled, that so many close friends and family members could be there for her as well: Her parents, her brother and his fiancee, my mother, a lady couple that have been longtime friends of her father's, and our pastor and most of his family. Congratulations, Nurse Mandy!!!

My Becky cut her hair short and has learned to use a fat curling iron and hairspray. The end result? The Alice Cullen look (and she totally pulls it off, especially with the freckles). She's also had the tips in front colored electric blue. Looks awesome.

The smalls are testing for a belt stripe next week. Mind you, not a junior level belt, but the real deal "adult" belt/stripe.

Me, well, I'm still recovering from my sleep schedule getting twisted to extreme weirdness. I think I've been asleep at 2AM for the past four nights, and three of those have been at work. Not good, but nothing I can seem to do for it. I go to bed when I get home, but am awake by 1:30PM. Whatever.

Started playing Final Fantasy VIII Monday. I'm thinking it can't possibly be as bad as I remember. Giving it another shot.

My Mistake has now been hit more times than Bard's Tale. Mayhaps I should write more cheesy one-shots, cram them together and publish them? Pfft... Like I'd know where to begin with that process.

Current Mood: tired
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
6:30 am
What Slanguage Do You Speak?
You Speak Aussie Slang
Aussie Slang: 50%

British Slang: 50%

Southern Slang: 50%

Canadian Slang: 25%

New England Slang: 25%

Prison Slang: 25%
Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
12:34 am
It is basically what I was expecting...

57 hits thus far, no reviews. The one person that I handed it to here at work read it and told me what I was generally worried about when I started writing it.

"I knew what was going to happen, so it kind of lost its impact. Most especially the name at the end, which, while had to be there, was kind of anti-climactic in this case."

Still good, just not the same. Maybe I'll try posting it somewhere else, with a bit more on the end...

Or something.

Current Mood: discontent
Monday, May 11th, 2009
11:34 pm
And, there it is:
Submitted for your approval:


Or disapproval. Leave me a review and whatnot.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, May 9th, 2009
4:28 am
HERStory is finished.

It's 6600+ words (holy crap, it's 14 pages printed?), but it's finished.

So, one part of the New Year's Resolution handled (it'll put me around 9,000 words, and I was only aiming for six), let's see if I can get just one more thing posted.

An update of Bard's, mayhaps? Actually, I'm two and a half pages in to Sins of the Mother part 1, so an update is highly likely, especially given the nature of my shift, and the utter lack of work most nights (but, it took three months to get HERStory out, so who really knows).

It's in beta-land, so hopefully I'll hear back from my official fictionpress beta-person before Monday so I can get that posted up.

Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, April 27th, 2009
4:40 am
Morning Epiphany
So, an off-handed description in a story that I'm writing has taken an entirely new light. I'm writing about Paula of late, and indicated in the description of a character that "she looked a bit like Joan Jett." Okay, that gives you a picture, but a comment that followed that was about how cool (or possibly yummy) Joan is, which I wholeheartedly agree with.

When I responded, I remembered the first time I'd heard Joan Jett. I was in Kindergarten (so, 1980 or '81), and it was the elementary school talent show. Most of that sort of thing, you forget hours later, but three things stuck with me from that particular event. I remember the fifth/sixth grade chorus singing "Tumbling Tumbleweed" (bet you don't remember the words, T). I remember a guy playing guitar singing "Grandma's Feather Bed." And I remember three girls dancing and lip syncing "I Love Rock 'n Roll."

Now, imagine you're there, five or six years old, most modern music has escaped your notice because your music world revolves around Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Crystal Gayle, Larry Gatlin and Alabama (with the occasional Sunday mornings of the Hugo Schneider Radio Program--Polka and German folk music, and yes, it's as bad as it sounds). Along comes three gorgeous girls playing this tremendously exciting, upbeat and rockin' stuff. I was, to borrow a word from my overseas friends, gobsmacked.

Nearly 30 years later, writing that simple bit of description, I was, of course, taken back to that moment where I became so enamored of an electric guitar used in that manner, and that voice... Joan's voice still does something for me all these years later. Hell, just hearing her sing 'Little Drummer Boy' does something for me.

And, I think, that's where the lifelong obsession with female leads came from. And not just any female leads, but seriously, Joan Jett, Chrissie Hynde, Janis Joplin, Shirley Manson, Belinda Carlisle, Stevie Nicks... Strong, almost domineering feminine personalities (except Chrissie. It's well documented what a bitch she is). I have said many times before how much I like the female voices, but I never attributed it before to anything but personal taste.

Suddenly, it all makes sense.

Current Mood: shocked
Thursday, March 19th, 2009
12:30 pm
Birthday was quiet and simple, as they should be. I didn't plan my usual week off this year, intending just to work. At the time of the vacation scheduling, I wasn't actually gaining vacation hours. That seems to not be an issue for the time being (gonna see over 80 hours this pay period. Woo and may I add hoo).

Birthday gifts:

Gift card from Mom. This, coupled with the one I haven't managed to sped from Christmas, will likely go toward new Rock Band drums, as my year old kit is really feeling its age. I've already had to put in a strut to support the green pad, and a brace on the red, and now I'm looking at needing a strut for the red as well. May as well just go with a new kit (and maybe make it the RB2 kit, because that can have a double bass and cymbals).

Cash from the in-laws, becaus cash is always in good taste. Not to mention, we celebrated at their house eating grilled burgers and tri-tip. And yellow cake with triple chocolate (that had little chocolate chips) frosting.

Mandy and the smalls got me a pair of candy bars (Whatchamacallit and Thingamajig... two words that she uses often), a new camera (much like the old one, but without the problem with the screen/image), a VHS to DVD recorder (YESS!! can finally get rid of the oversized VHS collection) and an electric lawn mower. Wait, a what? Who the hell gets...? I do. Because I needed it. Bad. Weedeater for Dad's day last year, and lawnmower (electric, so environmentally friendly!) for birthday. My lawn (um... overgrown weeds) stands no chance now! There was also a new Cranium game--Family edition. This one is every bit as cool as the original, but with more fun stuff for smaller folks so that we can even include Jake a lot more, and possibly even Allie.

Also, Rock Band 2. Much fun will be had by all. Even Mandy says she'll play this one with me a bit more, since she actually knows some of the songs on it (as opposed to the main RB disc, Track Pack 1 and Track Pack 2). So far, so good, even got a first run through gold starring of 'Eye of the Tiger.'

It was a great day.

The upside of the whole experience? I ended up off work for five days in a row (one for the birthday, one for my last furlough day, two for the weekend and one more that I traded for Saturday). The downside? Still trying to get my sleep schedule back to the way it was. But I'll get there.

Current Mood: drained
Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
2:03 am
2AM thoughts...
Today was Mardi Gras. I missed the party again.

I missed the Grammys and the Oscars. There was a time in my life when both actually meant something. The Grammys to determine what was "good" at the time, so I could avoid it, and the Oscars for basically the same reason. The Oscars always gave me an idea of what films to watch (best actor/actress performances) and which I could avoid (best picture is generally overrated). Who won what this year? No idea (other than Kate Winslet)... Too disconnected.

Neil needs a hug (and something much more exciting to do with his Thursday nights).

People in Pogo land have no idea how to play Euchre/Hearts/Cribbage.... but, it gives me something to do for them, and gets me out of having to do those fucking Freecell badges.

Work sucks a lot when the machines don't work right.

I'm currently working on a phone book that makes me want to listen to Duran Duran (the Rio Rancho phone book has just the word Rio in big bold letters on its cover).

Showering before bed is working out way better than I had hoped. Not only does it take much less time to get ready for work, but I don't have to wait for my feet to defrost to fall asleep.

I haven't written a word to any stories in almost two weeks. So much for the resolution (6000 words, Hah!).

I keep telling myself that I'm going to help out with the dinner process during the week instead of just on the weekend, but I haven't done so in a while.

Rock Band still kicks ass. But I need new drums.

Birthday is 18 days away. I want Rock Band 2 (have for a while), but haven't bought it yet, just for the sake of having something on the list for Mandy to find for me.

Bought Track Pack 2 disc. Beat it on medium (five stars, each song, first try, too damn easy), beat it on hard (that was a workout) and have made it through six or seven songs on expert, getting the gold stars on three songs so far.

Re-reading Eclipse. *sigh* Reinforcing the 'team Edward' mentality. Jacob is too much of a child. Not to say that Bella's identity issues are healthy (*vacant voice* "I identify myself by the guy that I'm with." Bad, bad, bad), but yeah. Crack!

Planning to create something for dinner tomorrow... oops... this morning to save Mandy some effort.

Need to make more pasta to use up the vodka sauce. Say, does anyone want a recipe for vodka sauce? It's great stuff (the pancetta probably has some vegan/vegetarian counterpart) and goes well on at least a few different pastas. Happy to share.


Current Mood: blah
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